We Are Teaming Up with Facebook to IncubateNYC!

While pursuing our mission to make entrepreneurship accessible, we have been incubating companies for some time now.  Through this work incubating ideas and entrepreneurs all across the City, we have found that most people are very interested in becoming an entrepreneur, and would love more connection and information to empower the entrepreneurial spark.   IncubateNYC & Facebook have decided to host a workshop series to enable more people to jump into the entrepreneurial tech life!

See below for details on the Facebook & IncubateNYC Workshop Series



  • 3 Workshops (first one on 10/23)
  • Start Time: 7pm
  • Location: Facebook’s NYC Office

Click these links to read more:
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3


Workshop 1: Are You Solving a Real Problem? (RSVP here)

Date: Tuesday October 23rd
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

To highlight issues that are going unsolved in areas of society needing new innovative thought and products


Industry experts from the following industries: Media / Healthcare / Finance / Education / Government will discuss the issues they see in their industries and ways innovative technology can make an impact.

Following the panel, we will break up the panelist into separate groups where members of the audience can pitch their idea and get feedback on whether it is truly an issue within the industry and how it can be implemented to have the biggest impact.

Speakers Include:

  • Innovation Opportunities in Media: TBD – Facebook
  • Innovation Opportunities in Healthcare: Sean Eldridge – Weight Watchers
  • Innovation Opportunities in Devaughn Fowlkes – Harlem Children’s Zone
  • NYC Innovation Plans – Faiza Issa, NYCEDC

Sponsored in Part by:


Workshop 2: Are You Doing One thing Well? (RSVP here)

Date: TBD
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

Successful early stage entrepreneurs quickly learn that they must focus to be truly successful. Having doing one thing well is often the key to success when starting a new venture. Therefore, we are highlighting how successful early stage startups quickly focus on building one key feature that will be amazing. Through a panel discussion we will highlight how startup entrepreneurs quickly realized what feature customers liked and how they made sure they nailed it in execution.

We will organize a panel discussion of early startups that have received funding (e.g., accelerator / incubator graduates) and have them tell their story on pivoting and finding that primary product feature that people really like. We will have panelist explain how the focus impacted their ability to gain traction and receive funding.

After the panel discussion, members of the audience will have 30 seconds to pitch their idea and clearly articulate their primary product feature. The panelist will be judged similar to American Idol and grade on a scale of 1-10. The winning pitch will receive an IncubateNYC prize.


Workshop 3: Do You Have VC Fundable Business Model? (RSVP here)

Date: TBD
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

We recognize depending on the type and stage of business, there are different financing channels that startups should pursue. However, there is often confusion on what is a “VC Backable” business model. We want to shed light on the types of funding options for specific business models. Not all startups are high growth equity investments, but there are places these companies can access capital to grow their business.

Organize a panel discussion of capital providers: Angels, Early Stage VC, Crowd Funding Platforms, Government agencies / endowments. During the panel the focus will be on what type of companies do they look for in terms of an investment (stage and growth profile), the requirements for an investment, and how to get started.

After the panel discussion, 10-15 individuals will have a chance to do a 60 sec pitch of their idea and business model. The panelist will decide based on the pitch the type of capital they will be able to access to start their business (e.g., Angel, crowdfunding, loan). From there, the panelist will give feedback on how the business idea could achieve high growth funding if it changed its model.


We look forward to incubating you soon. See you there!

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