The IncubateNYC New Venture Bootcamp

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This bootcamp is limited to a maximum of 20 teams, in order to maintain an intimate working environment.
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Applications due September 7th at 5pm EST

This Bootcamp is For You If:

  • You are a first time entrepreneur with an amazing idea, and want to start turning that idea into a real business
  • You wished you had moved a little faster because someone else is now making money off your last idea
  • You started working on an idea, but now its collecting dust on the shelf
  • You are working on your idea and want to make progress much faster

We Will Consider Your Stage of Idea If :

  • You have an idea and basic pitch
  • You have started to build a simple product and want to move a little faster
  • You have a powerpoint deck of your plan and no product
  • You are in the process of building a product and would like to make sure what you are building is what customers want

You Will Leave This Bootcamp With:

  • Knowledge of customer development and “lean startup” principles to help you build a real business
  • A clear 60 second pitch that helps supporters and investors immediately understand your idea
  • A basic prototype of your idea
  • Proof that your idea will (or will not) work

What’s The Commitment?

  • 5 consecutive Saturdays beginning September 15th and ending October 13th at Harlem Business Alliance (275 Lenox Avenue)
  • $100 program fee
  • A willingness to be coachable and learn how to launch your dream

If you have an existing team, please register both of you. The more the merrier!

No co-founders? No problem. The easiest way to recruit a co-founder is to have proof your idea can work. We will help you get that proof!

Prepare to be challenged on the assumptions around your business idea. Expect to do some real hard work. Anticipate having a few laughs. Walk out with a very basic product, clear next steps for your business, and a few new people to call on for guidance.

Apply today and get ready to make awesome!

Applications due September 7th @ 5pm EST


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