NY Tech Day

This past week, #IncubateNYC exhibited at NY Tech Day, the first science fair for tech startups in NYC.  It was a blast!  We:

– Spread the word about our awesome incubator for entrepreneurs in upper Manhattan
– Got support from the techies / startups in NYC (including some new sponsorships – coming soon!)
– Gave out the most awesome T Shirts there!

Probably the most memorable and moving story while there was our connecting with a man named Derrick.  Derrick has a video conferencing business, so understands the tech and entrepreneurial landscape of NYC personally.  He had perused a few of the tables, but stopped curiously at ours.  After discussing what we were doing, his eyes got wide when he realized that the Co-Founders and entire #IncubateNYC team was under 30.

Derrick became excited.  He was so amazed and happy that the youth had taken up the mantle of supporting entrepreneurs and paving the way for others to launch their businesses successfully, that he started to ask “what do you all need?”  Because we are modest folks, we didnt ask for anything – but that didnt stop Derrick.  He “put pen to paper” and wrote #IncubateNYC a check for the most he could afford to donate!

The moment left us speechless.  You often hear stories that hint at people’s generosity, but to see it live was deeply moving.  We could not have been happier to receive Derrick’s donation, but more importantly we were honored to have the support of an entrepreneur who has been where we are going, and is in full support of us changing the world.

Here’s to the wayfarers who support those coming behind them.  Hats off to you Derrick!

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