Introducing “#HustleMondays” with Brian L. Shields!

Every Monday for the past couple of years, I have been meeting with new tech entrepreneurs to brainstorm business strategy, discuss customer feedback, and identify ways I can be helpful in growing their startups.  Helping startups grow at light speed is something I am very passionate about and is a core focus of #IncubateNYC.  As such, I will begin blogging about the entrepreneurs I meet with and some of the lessons I have learned working with them.

This Monday we met with Simone of Wishieve, a tech startup facilitating smarter gifting. They enable people who are particular about what they receive to get the exact gift they want from the people who love them. If you’ve ever gotten that look of disappointment when someone opens a present, you get why this is helpful!

Simone has a strong background in fashion and has been an entrepreneur for a while, so she understands the needs of a person who is particular about what they get, as well as the drive needed to push product out the door and grow sales.  I love that because she understands her customers and clearly has the raw talent to be a great founder.  Since this is her first tech startup, we discussed topics such as simplifying her pitch, what her MVP (minimum viable product) should look like, and finding a technical co-founder.  I had a great time debating the opportunity and brainstorming ways for her product to get built faster so her business could explode!

My main lesson from this chat was that simple at first is best.  Simplicity actually requires more sophistication that people realize, and we all need help taking the experience and intensity we entrepreneurs have and packaging it into easy to digest tidbits.  My co-founder, Marcus, encourages people to start with a 2 page overview of their business.  If you are able to clearly communicate your idea in 2 slides, it means you have mastered the true underlying value proposition of your business concept and can get to the point.  If you can hook me in 2 slides, you’ve got something of note.


I’m looking forward to meeting with more entrepreneurs and sharing their stories. #IncubateNYC loves to be a partner to tech startups in growing sales faster, and I look forward to making your business insanely awesome soon!


#HustleMondays is a chance for tech startup entrepreneurs to discuss strategy and resources with #IncubateNYC. If you have a healthcare, wellness or financial tech startup and want to strategize how to grow your business faster, drop us a line today!

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