We want to hear from YOU!

#IncubateNYC Community

As you know, we have yet to hear back from the NYCEDC, but that will NOT stop this new technology renaissance from reaching Harlem! Our plans to build the first technology and entrepreneur focused space in Harlem will not stop, and so now is the time to make your voices heard.

Our goal is to build this space for entrepreneurs, and what better way to do that than to ask you, our earliest supporters and advocates, to let us know what entrepreneurs need. Right now, we are working with our architect to pull together plans and blueprints, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please use the comment section below and let us know what YOU would like to see in the space. We can’t take all suggestions, but it is important to us that your opinions are heard.

We are looking for your thoughts on what technology, servers, tablets, brands, coffee and anything else that comes to mind we should consider making a part of this space (beer and hula hoops included!)

#IncubateNYC will be a space by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in this vibrant community. Help us make this space as amazing and productive for you as you want.


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7 Responses to We want to hear from YOU!

  1. B. Shields says:

    Aside from wifi, I think the most important thing for the space will be having lots and lots of whiteboards. I always need a place to draw out my thoughts


  2. Courtney says:


    We will be moving back to NYC in June and would love to be a part of this movement. (If there is anything I can do, please let me know.)

    Being a huge collaborative workspace fan and avid traveler, I’ve worked at and with many different coworking/incubator spots across the country.

    At this stage in your game, you might want to reach out to some coworking/incubators that have a proven track record (those who churn out great events and support diversity). Gangplank that is located in Chandler, AZ is one such organization.

    One suggestion I would like to offer is to plan events in advance. Give your target audience something to look forward to and a reason to keep coming back. Workshops, trainings, etc are all great ways to build your incubator community.

    Wishing you much success!

    Courtney C.

  3. E.M. Young says:

    A copier (s) to make copies when I am working on BIDS and RFP always need multiple copies of documents also need a notary for those documents.

  4. Completely agree—lots of whiteboard space is necessary. Investing in smartboards (http://smarttech.com/smartboard) could be more efficient, since it allows a brainstorming session to be saved and distributed.

    Office-sized Keurig also makes life easier: http://www.keurig.com/brewers/b200

  5. devp says:

    You definitely need fast and secured wi-fi, some white boards, and desks and chairs that are a little ergonomic at least. A couch can also be good, for those (like me) who prefer to hack while reclining once in a while.

    I’ve also seen how small private areas can be really important for a shared space, either for small team/client meetings, or when someone needs to make an outside phone call without bugging their neighbors.

  6. Erik T says:

    Ditto to the suggestions above. I would like to suggest having a media room/space which is equipped with a projector and/or TV connectivity, allowing for demonstrations, pitches and presentations.

  7. Ani Rj says:

    As a Harlem native/resident/entrepreneur working in the Harlem ReRenaissance initiative its very important to have meeting spaces, as well as a possible space for community members to commune and network, be it a mixer or a showcase. All the latest and greatest fancy technological stuff and open studio spaces (padded and non padded). Food, resources, maybe even a space for children. I met with Danielle who was consulting for you we spoke briefly she told me about the ADC and I went over there. I’m very interested in what this would mean for Harlem. And wish to stay in contact with someone personally. I’m fervent about the cause. Restore Harlem for what its worth.

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