A Co-Founder Returns!

#IncubateNYC Family

I am so excited to finally be back in NYC full time.  As some of you may know, I have been splitting time between NYC and NC, but as of a few weeks ago, I packed up a uhaul and drove myself back to the City for good.

Nothing is more important to me than getting our space launched so that we have a place for the tech and entrepreneurial minded people of Harlem to collaborate and connect with the broader NYC community.  We are starting a new Harlem Renaissance, and it begins with getting the space right.  I can’t think of anything more exciting than making #IncubateNYC one of the most electrifying destinations in all of NYC!

If you want to hear more about the space, follow @IncubateNYC, and if you want to try and catch ME, follow me @BrianLeeShields.  I promise I wont be in one place too long – hustling for you all keeps me on the go!

This journey will be a fun and memorable one, and I hope you all continue to follow the story.  Thank you all for giving us the chance to create something amazing in a neighborhood that means so much to me and in the City that we all call home!


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