We Are Teaming Up with Facebook to IncubateNYC!

While pursuing our mission to make entrepreneurship accessible, we have been incubating companies for some time now.  Through this work incubating ideas and entrepreneurs all across the City, we have found that most people are very interested in becoming an entrepreneur, and would love more connection and information to empower the entrepreneurial spark.   IncubateNYC & Facebook have decided to host a workshop series to enable more people to jump into the entrepreneurial tech life!

See below for details on the Facebook & IncubateNYC Workshop Series



  • 3 Workshops (first one on 10/23)
  • Start Time: 7pm
  • Location: Facebook’s NYC Office

Click these links to read more:
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3


Workshop 1: Are You Solving a Real Problem? (RSVP here)

Date: Tuesday October 23rd
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

To highlight issues that are going unsolved in areas of society needing new innovative thought and products


Industry experts from the following industries: Media / Healthcare / Finance / Education / Government will discuss the issues they see in their industries and ways innovative technology can make an impact.

Following the panel, we will break up the panelist into separate groups where members of the audience can pitch their idea and get feedback on whether it is truly an issue within the industry and how it can be implemented to have the biggest impact.

Speakers Include:

  • Innovation Opportunities in Media: TBD – Facebook
  • Innovation Opportunities in Healthcare: Sean Eldridge – Weight Watchers
  • Innovation Opportunities in Devaughn Fowlkes – Harlem Children’s Zone
  • NYC Innovation Plans – Faiza Issa, NYCEDC

Sponsored in Part by:


Workshop 2: Are You Doing One thing Well? (RSVP here)

Date: TBD
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

Successful early stage entrepreneurs quickly learn that they must focus to be truly successful. Having doing one thing well is often the key to success when starting a new venture. Therefore, we are highlighting how successful early stage startups quickly focus on building one key feature that will be amazing. Through a panel discussion we will highlight how startup entrepreneurs quickly realized what feature customers liked and how they made sure they nailed it in execution.

We will organize a panel discussion of early startups that have received funding (e.g., accelerator / incubator graduates) and have them tell their story on pivoting and finding that primary product feature that people really like. We will have panelist explain how the focus impacted their ability to gain traction and receive funding.

After the panel discussion, members of the audience will have 30 seconds to pitch their idea and clearly articulate their primary product feature. The panelist will be judged similar to American Idol and grade on a scale of 1-10. The winning pitch will receive an IncubateNYC prize.


Workshop 3: Do You Have VC Fundable Business Model? (RSVP here)

Date: TBD
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: Facebook NYC Office

We recognize depending on the type and stage of business, there are different financing channels that startups should pursue. However, there is often confusion on what is a “VC Backable” business model. We want to shed light on the types of funding options for specific business models. Not all startups are high growth equity investments, but there are places these companies can access capital to grow their business.

Organize a panel discussion of capital providers: Angels, Early Stage VC, Crowd Funding Platforms, Government agencies / endowments. During the panel the focus will be on what type of companies do they look for in terms of an investment (stage and growth profile), the requirements for an investment, and how to get started.

After the panel discussion, 10-15 individuals will have a chance to do a 60 sec pitch of their idea and business model. The panelist will decide based on the pitch the type of capital they will be able to access to start their business (e.g., Angel, crowdfunding, loan). From there, the panelist will give feedback on how the business idea could achieve high growth funding if it changed its model.


We look forward to incubating you soon. See you there!

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The IncubateNYC New Venture Bootcamp

READY TO APPLY? Fill out this form

This bootcamp is limited to a maximum of 20 teams, in order to maintain an intimate working environment.
Questions? Email info@incubatenyc.org
Or Tweet @IncubateNYC
Applications due September 7th at 5pm EST

This Bootcamp is For You If:

  • You are a first time entrepreneur with an amazing idea, and want to start turning that idea into a real business
  • You wished you had moved a little faster because someone else is now making money off your last idea
  • You started working on an idea, but now its collecting dust on the shelf
  • You are working on your idea and want to make progress much faster

We Will Consider Your Stage of Idea If :

  • You have an idea and basic pitch
  • You have started to build a simple product and want to move a little faster
  • You have a powerpoint deck of your plan and no product
  • You are in the process of building a product and would like to make sure what you are building is what customers want

You Will Leave This Bootcamp With:

  • Knowledge of customer development and “lean startup” principles to help you build a real business
  • A clear 60 second pitch that helps supporters and investors immediately understand your idea
  • A basic prototype of your idea
  • Proof that your idea will (or will not) work

What’s The Commitment?

  • 5 consecutive Saturdays beginning September 15th and ending October 13th at Harlem Business Alliance (275 Lenox Avenue)
  • $100 program fee
  • A willingness to be coachable and learn how to launch your dream

If you have an existing team, please register both of you. The more the merrier!

No co-founders? No problem. The easiest way to recruit a co-founder is to have proof your idea can work. We will help you get that proof!

Prepare to be challenged on the assumptions around your business idea. Expect to do some real hard work. Anticipate having a few laughs. Walk out with a very basic product, clear next steps for your business, and a few new people to call on for guidance.

Apply today and get ready to make awesome!

Applications due September 7th @ 5pm EST


Sponsored in part by

In partnership with

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Introducing Our Expanded Office Hours Program

You asked, and we listened.

Due to popular demand, IncubateNYC has expanded Incubate Office Hours to provide you access to a large and experienced group of Entrepreneur Advisors (EA’s)! Our EA’s are dedicated entrepreneurs and industry professionals who are available to provide guidance and insight as you build your business.

Meet Our EAs! (Click a Name to Read Bio)

Will Bressman – RIA In A Box, CEO
Ah-Hyun Cho – Time Warner Investments, Associate
Jason Crain – Shazam Entertainment, Sr. Account Manager
Sean Eldridge – Weight Watchers, Director Strategy & Bus. Development
Devaughn Fowlkes – Harlem Children’s Zone, Lead Coordinator
Clive Henry – Ooyala, Director of Sales
Jurgen Leijdekker – Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, Senior Operating Exec
Danielle Robinson – Saatchi & Saatchi, VP Management Director
Kathleen Utecht – Comcast Ventures, Investment Professional
Jordan Waxman – Former Venture Capitalist
Shivon Zilis – Bloomberg Ventures, Senior Strategist

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to schedule Office Hours with an IncubateNYC EA, please email: info@incubatenyc.org the following:

1. Who you are and your business
2. Your business question
3. Which EA you would like to meet
4. The date and time you want to meet with that EA

IncubateNYC will respond to you within 24 hours with confirmation or an alternative day and time.

If you are an industry professional or entrepreneur with demonstrated experience/“expertise” and would like to join the IncubateNYC movement by becoming an EA, please email marcus@incubatenyc.org with a brief bio.

Meet IncubateNYC’s NEW Entrepreneur Advisors (EAs):

William Bressman

Primary Industry: Services
Expertise: Operations

Office Hours Availability:
July 23rd 5-6 PM
Aug. 7th 5-6 PM | Aug. 21st 5-6 PM

Professional Background:
William served as an integral member of the founding team of digital media startup, LX.TV, acquired by NBC Universal in 2008. William also serves as a Founding Partner of Rushmore Partners search fund; acquired RIA in a Box in December 2011.William earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

RIA in a Box is the leading registration and compliance service to independent RIAs throughout America. RIA In A Box helps entrepreneurs get their RIA up and running and then remain compliant to ensure smooth operations.

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Ah-Hyun Cho
Time Warner Investments, Associate

Primary Industry: Media & Entertainment
Expertise: Business Technology

Office Hours Availability:
July 18th 9:30-10:30 AM
August 14th 9:30-10:30 AM

Professional Background:
Ah-Hyun is an associate at Time Warner Investments, the strategic venture capital arm that invests in digital media / internet /technology startups and works with colleagues across the four business units to identify strategic investments. Ah-Hyun actively sources and evaluates investments and works with portfolio companies, as needed.Prior to TW Investments,Ah-Hyun was in investment banking, where she worked on several M&A and financing transactions for telecom and media companies.

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Jason Crain
Shazam Entertainment, Sr. Account Manager

Primary Industry: Communications & Networks
Expertise: Marketing/Branding

Office Hours Availability:
July 31st 5-6 PM
Aug. 14th 5-6 PM | Aug. 28th 5-6 PM

Professional Background:
Jason’s breadth of experience spans the following areas: branding, sales, marketing, advertising and technology. Jason’s expertise is in online and digital advertising. Additionally, Jason is skilled in video, search, display and mobile.

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Sean Eldridge
Weight Watchers, Director Strategy & Bus. Development

Primary Industry: Healthcare
Expertise: Strategy

Office Hours Availability:
July 18th 5-7 PM
August 22nd 5-7 PM

Professional Background:
Sean has 10+ years of health and wellness experience spanning Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, a venture-backed startup and Weight Watchers. Sean’s expertise is in the following areas:business development, marketing, strategy and operational excellence (i.e., lean six sigma). Sean earned his MBA from Harvard.

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Devaughn Fowlkes
Harlem Children’s Zone, Lead Coordinator

Primary Industry: Services
Expertise: Strategy
Office Hours Availability (July & August):
July 21st 12-2 PM
August 4th 12-2 PM

Professional Background:
Devaughn has a variegated advisory background focused on the following: strategy, organizational management, business development, sales, customer relationship management,individual consultation,client servicing, financial management, community building and youth development.

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Clive Henry
Ooyala, Director of Sales

Primary Industry: Media & Entertainment
Expertise: Strategy

Office Hours Availability:
July 17th 3-4 PM | July 25th3-4 PM
Aug. 7th 3-4 PM | Aug. 22nd 3-4 PM

Professional Background:
Ooyala is a Google spin-off company that has raised approximately $80million in private market financing. Over the last 15 years Clive has held executive roles in sales, marketing and business development within entrepreneurial, and intrapreneurial environments. Clive has also participated in 2 public market offerings and assisted companies in raising over $250 million dollars in private market financing. Additionally, Clive also operated in the Canadian and US technology markets.

In 2007 Clive founded a media technology company, named TME. TME utilized video content management, ad network and video production technologies to produce and distribute videocontent.The content was monetized through the use of promotional advertising, content licensing and syndication sales, and banner ad and in-player video ads display.

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Jurgen Leijdekker
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, Senior Operating Exec.

Primary Industry: Multiple
Expertise: General Management

Office Hours Availability:
July 20th 5-6PM | July 30th 5-6PM
Aug. 3rd 5-6PM | Aug. 20th 5-6 PM

Professional Background:
Jurgen’s career began as an economist for IMF, followed by strategy consulting for McKinsey. Jurgen has also co-founded a B2B online credit management company. Since then, Jurgen has had various general management roles at private equity-owned companies, including a fashion retailer, jewelry manufacturer and ink manufacturer.Currently, Jurgen works at a PE firm, assigned to clinical lab company, online payments companies and enterprise software companies.

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Danielle Robinson
Saatchi & Saatchi, VP Management Director

Primary Industry: Consumer & Business Products
Expertise: Marketing/Branding

Office Hours Availability:
July 28th & 29th 3-5 PM
Aug. 11th & 12th 3-5 PM

Professional Background:
As a strategic advertising and marketing executive, Danielle has nearly twelve years of brand leadership experience on the agency side of the business. Danielle’s breadth of experience includes financial services, consumer packaged goods, beauty and retail categories.Danielle is also skilled in developingand managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, from brand launches to business building initiatives for existing brands.

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Kathleen Utecht
Comcast Ventures, Investment Professional

Primary Industry: Venture Capital
Expertise: Multiple

Office Hours Availability:
July 18th 5-7 PM
Aug. 8th 5-7 PM

Professional Background:
Kathleen sources and identifies new investment opportunities, conducts diligence on potential investments and works closely with Comcast Ventures’ portfolio companies. Prior to joining Comcast Ventures, Kathleen worked in venture capital for Core Innovation Capital and WVP Ventures. Prior to her venture roles, Kathleen invested in and led Green Rock Entertainment, the start-up toy/game manufacturing company whose main product was Cahootie.She won Ernst & Young’s Winning Women award for its success. Before her operational adventure,Kathleen was an investment banker in the financial services group of Raymond James and a graduate of General Electric Capital’s Financial Management Program.

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Jordan Elpern-Waxman

Primary Industry: Consumer/ Business Internet
Expertise: Venture Financing

Office Hours Availability:
July 23rd 4:30-6:30 PM | July 30th 5-7PM
Aug. 6th 5-7pm | Aug. 13th 5-7PM

Professional Background:
Jordan has been in the tech world for many years, most recently as a VC with Genacast Ventures, an early-stage fund investing in technology companies in the Northeast US, including Invite Media, Double Verify, and Enterproid. Jordan worked as a Java developer, patent engineer and marketer for various Israeli start-ups during the dot-com era. After going back to school Jordan did technical business development at family remittance start-up UniTeller, covering everything channel related from pre-sale to integration to operations, leading to an acquisition by one of their banking partners. More recently, Jordan was Director, Corporate Development at Headstrong, where he looked at start-up acquisitions in the IT consulting and BPO space; and advised seed-stage digital media and ecommerce startups on navigating the financing landscape.Jordan studied Computer Science and International Relations at Brown University and earned his MBA from the Wharton School.

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Shivon Zilis
Bloomberg Ventures, Senior Strategist

Primary Industry: Information Technology
Expertise: Strategy

Office Hours Availability:
July 20th 2-4 PM
August 20th 2-4 PM

Professional Background:
Currently, Shivon is a member of the Ventures investment team for Bloomberg Ventures. Previously, Shivon incubated startups within Bloomberg Ventures (Strategy/Business Development/Marketing for Bmart – a data-as-a-service business and Bloomberg Institute – a financial services recruiting platform). In addition, Shivon created and implemented new SaaS core banking and mobile finance products for IBM and created Smarter Planet and Emerging Markets banking strategies.

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Uptown 2.0 – The Highlights

We know not everyone could be at Uptown 2.0 last weekend.  So we recorded it to share!

Check out the event here and leave a comment!



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Sign up for Office Hours!

An incubator is as much what it does within its 4 walls as it is the building in which it is housed. As part of our commitment to developing entrepreneurial talent, we are offering free office hours for the month of June. Starting 6/4, any entrepreneur or person with an idea can sign up to meet with one of the Co-Founders or the team and discuss their business, get access to our resources from Google, Columbia, HBA, HRR (accounting) and A+B (legal), as well as get access to the broader NYC funding ecosystem.

Office hours: Tues / Thurs from 3pm – 7pm EST
Check our calendars: Brian Shields or Marcus Mayo
Email us at info@incubatenyc.org to sign up for a time

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#IncubateNYC will be part of the NY Angels Event!

The NY Angels will be hosting a Meetup next monday (6/4) to discuss the role incubators and accelerators play in the startup ecosystem.  Our Co-Founder Brian L. Shields will be sitting on one of the panels alongside several notable accelerator founders.

Please visit the meetup site here and plan to come out and support!

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Calling all NYC Startups…

The #IncubateNYC has a keg of beer and we want to share it with you!!  If you and your team want to have an impromtu keg party at your office tonight (Thursday) let us know.

You provide the office, we will provide the keg.

The first startup that emails us at info@incubatenyc.org will win!!

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